Pros and Cons To owning a Rental in Chattanooga

Owning a rental can open up a great opportunity for profit if done correctly. However, owning rental property can also open up a world of stress and inconvenience if you are not up to the challenge. To understand the process of renting, you need to look at both the pros and the cons. To help you make a better decision, Favor Home Solutions wants to help you understand your options. For Chattanooga home buyers, we want to make sure you are making the best choices for you and your house. 

Understanding the rental process

If you are considering using your house as a rental property, it is a decision that should not just be made on a whim. Even if you are just renting out a small property, the amount of effort that goes into setting up the rental agreement alone can be overwhelming. You often need to pay fees, file paperwork, fill out agreements, and do much more in order to have a successful renting experience. Before you make up your mind as whether to rent or to sell your house, let’s look at the pros and cons of renting. 

Owning a rental: Pros and Cons


When you decide to own a rental, you have the potential to set up a decent way of gaining some passive income. What this means is that your rental property can generate money for you without you having to directly do anything to make the money. If you have a full-time tenant at the property who is paying their bills every month, then you now have extra money coming in that would normally be just sitting there if the house was vacant. Additionally, you can often get certain tax benefits and fees waived if you are filling out the right paperwork and complying with the necessary rules. 


While the renting pros may seem very compelling, those results are not always the case. Before you even get a tenant to rent your property out, you need to put in a lot of work and house to get the property ready. This alone can cost a lot of money and soaks up a good chunk of time. Once you get the renter in and settled, the work still isn’t over.

Once you have tenants renting your house, you still have a lot of responsibility. From things like regular maintenance and repairs all the way to having liability for accidents, there is always the thought of something happening in the back of your mind. With tenants also being unpredictable, they may stop paying their rent and any time and could leave you to go and rent somewhere else. 


No matter how much experience you have owning a home, renting out a house is always a challenge. With the pros and the cons understood, you can decide what to do. As Chattanooga home buyers we at Favor Home Solutions are always eager to buy houses so you can get cash faster than any rental opportunity.

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