I’m being relocated from Chattanooga, should I sell my house or rent it out?

Whether you are relocating for work or for your own reasons, it can be an exciting journey to move to a new location with a fresh start. However, that does not necessarily mean that you have to leave your own house behind. If you own the property you live in, you have the option to sell it or rent it when you are relocating somewhere new.

At Favor Home Solutions, we buy houses fast in Chattanooga so your decision to sell or rent can both involve great returns. We hope to give you some insight as to what both options can offer to you as a homeowner so you can make the best decision for you. 

Dealing with relocation

No matter how you look at it, relocation is a very involved process. From finding a new house to dealing with your old one, a lot of time and energy goes into the process. One of the most important tips to remember when relocating is to stay proactive. If you know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done, you can be ahead of schedule and move around with ease.

Additionally, you will have to learn to balance between both locations at the same time when making a plan. If you look to rent, you will later see that it takes a lot of involvement even after you are in your new location. If you are looking to sell, you may even find that you have lifted a burden off of your shoulders when leaving your old house. To highlight your best options, we will look at both the pros and the cons of selling and renting your house. 

Selling or Renting: The Pros and Cons 


When it comes to relocating, the vast majority of people choose to sell their property for a number of reasons. The primary reason that people choose to sell their property is that it is simply an easier way to get money in the long and short run. If you are just selling the property and taking money then you don’t have to worry about that property ever again in the future. As a bonus, we buy houses fast in Chattanooga at Favor Home Solutions so you can have cash in you hand easier than any other method and can move on with life to your new future. When it comes to ease and efficiency, selling with Favor Home Solutions is your best option. 

One downside that some may see is that you cannot continually make money from the home like you would with renting. 


With the selling option being the easiest, renting offers a much more involved commitment. When you rent out a house, you are responsible for ensuring that it is in good shape and the tenants are happy. While this is ok for some people, this extra burden can be a lot to deal with if you are living far away. Where renting seems to be a positive for some people is that they can have some passive income every month from rent as long as your tenants are paying on time. It is a lot more work, but it may work for some people. 

Final Thoughts 

With both selling and renting having pros and cons of their own, it may seem hard to choose between the two. If you are very good at planning and organizing, the rental option may work for you. However, with great options like Favor Home Solutions offering fast sales and competitive pricing, selling seems like the way to go for most.

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