How to sell a house without a real estate agent in Chattanooga

With any new house for sale with a sign in the yard is a real estate agent looking to make some commission. However, not every house needs a real estate agent to be sold successfully. Selling a house without a real estate agent in Chattanooga is easier than ever before with companies like Favor Home Solutions offer house sellers an alternative option to the traditional process of working with an agent. To understand why you may not need a real estate agent, we first have to look at why real estate agents exist in the first place. 

The purpose of real estate agents 

Before there was the internet and online house sales, you had to make every sale face to face and would need someone to help you out. When real estates were most valuable was when people needed advice on selling their houses that wasn’t available through any other means. As the internet has helped people expand their reach and connections, the need for dedicated real estate agents to make deals for you has declined. Because of the abundance of ways to sell your house now, there are more ways than ever to get your house sold. 

3 ways to sell without an agent

List on the MLS yourself 

If you feel that you are ready to get serious about selling your house, you can enter into the shoes of an agent yourself. To get your home into the housing market, you first have to get It through with the MLS. If you know of online house selling websites, then the listing was probably from an MLS registered agent. You too can get registered for an MLS listing, but the entire ordeal is quite a process. Because this is how the professional agents, you will have to pay a flat fee to even get registered into the system. Alongside the fee, a large amount of information must be put into the system that you may have to look up to get an accurate listing. 

List for sale by owner 

Listing for sale by owner is an option for people who want to sell their home without and agent or without using the MLS service. The primary reason that people would choose this option is that they don’t; want to pay the commission fees that come with hiring an agent that can cause you to lose money on your house sale. Where the MLS allows you to learn and use resources that help the home, listing a house for sale by owner is a very involved process that requires you to take on all of the burden yourself. It is not very common for homeowners to sell a house on their own, and it makes sense why when you consider the immense involvement. 

Sell to Favor Home Solutions

With so much work and effort needing to be out into selling a house on your own, many homeowners look to other creative ways to sell their house. Thankfully, selling a house without a real estate agent in Chattanooga is now easier than ever before. When you work with Favor Home Solutions, they will offer you cash for your home without you needing to understand the complex system of house sales or real estate. 


Just because real estate agents offer a compelling offer doesn’t mean they are your only key to success. With modern house selling looking very different from even just ten years ago, options like Favor Home Solutions have changed the game. Call us at 423-509-8686 to see how we can get your house off the market with ease.

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