How To Sell A Fire Damaged Home in Chattanooga

If your home was damaged in a fire, it may seem like there is no chance of selling it or getting any money back. Thankfully, you can get a fire damaged home off of your hands with relative ease. If you want to sell a fire damaged house in Chattanooga, then Favor Home Solutions has you covered. We buy homes in all sizes and conditions so that you can sell your home for cash whenever you want. Call at 423-509-8686 to see how we can help you while we look at how to go about selling a fire damaged home. 

Understanding your options

When your home is damaged from a fire, there are not a whole ton of options you have when looking to make a sale. Thankfully, the options that do exist are fairly generous and can get you back on your feet. One thing you need to consider when selling a fire damaged home is realizing how extensive the damage really is. It will be much easier to sell a home that just has a small kitchen fire than one that has whole rooms engulfed and hard to recover. Regardless of the house’s condition, let’s look at the options you can choose from. 

Picking your best option

Getting Repairs

If the house is in relatively good shape, it may be a good option to look into repairs. Depending on the level of fire damage your house has been through, repairs may help you retain a good portion of the house’s original value. The primary issue that arises when you look into getting repairs done is that they can end up costing more than the house is worth and take a decent amount of time. Additionally, not all repairs will work on varying levels of fire damage. 

Scraping the home

If there was serious damage to the home and it is impossible to recover, you may have to just face the idea of scraping the home. While scrapping can cost a bit of money and take a while, it may be worth it to just get the home off your hands. You may even be able to sell the property area if it is decent. 

Selling as is

Likely your best option with a fire damaged home is to sell it as it lies. Why this is the best option is because it allows you to sell the house without having to pay additional fees to repair it or get it taken down. If you want to sell a fire damaged house in Chattanooga as it is, Favor Home Solutions has you covered. 


While a fire damaged house is never a good thing, it is not a death sentence for your investment. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may be able to get your home repaired or sold in no time.  All you need to remember is to keep your hopes high and expectations reasonable when looking to sell your fire damaged house.

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