How To Hire The Right Contractor To Renovate Your House in Chattanooga

Getting your home renovated can be an exciting process no matter how small the job. Whether you are simply getting new kitchen counters or want a whole room renovated, you can find some great value added to your home with the right renovation. However, not all renovators can be looked at with the same skill. With your home being such a valuable asset, you only want the best to work on your home. 

When looking to sell your house, you want your home to only be worked on by the best contractor available. To help give you some insights as to what to look for, Favor Home Solutions wants to give some essential tips to finding the perfect contractor for your needs. We buy houses in any condition in Chattanooga, so you can sell your home with use with or without renovation. 

How contractors add value 

Just as a mechanic fixes your car and a yard worker makes your lawn look fresh, a contractor adds similar value to your house. When you want to spice things up in your house and change things around, calling a contractor can suit most of your needs. Contractor work is very diverse and you can find a contractor for nearly every job. Before you hire a contractor to even just install a light switch, you need to be sure you find the right person for the job. To do that, let’s look at what to look for when choosing your next contractor.

What to look for in a contractor 

Good reviews

While a contractor can brag all day on their experience and expertise, their clients are often the most honest indication of their work. Whether online or on their website, reading customer reviews can give you an insight as to how your future experience may look with a given contractor. Make sure you look at the good and bad reviews with a contractor so you can see how they acted at their best and at their worst. 

Background Checks

Before letting a stranger into your house to work on anything, make sure they have the necessary background checks. This check ensures you are working with someone legitimate with no previous offenses. If you just accept the cheapest contractor without a background check, you don’t know who you are letting into your home. If you work with an established company, it is likely that their contractors will have already been required to complete a background check. 

Proper licenses

Similar to the background check, making sure you are working with a licensed contractor is key. Anyone can claim to be a certain type of contractor, but you want the evidence to prove it. IF you are getting an electrician, make sure they have up to date licensing and the same can be said with any other specialist. While someone may have a license, you also want to make sure it is recent and compliant with the specific work you need to have done. 

Pictures of work

Reviews and good testimonials are great, but actually seeing the work is a great indication of quality. While someone may do great work on other jobs, their style may not be exactly what you want for your house. For an exact look at what they can do and how they take care of their work, ask or look for pictures of past jobs. A contractor without pictures of past work can be a red flag and should be questioned further before working with them. 


If you are getting work done, having a reference can be reassuring for the job. If you know someone who has worked with a certain contractor before, ask them about the experience and end result. If they can speak honestly and openly about their satisfaction then you can get more reassurance than a random picture or internet review. 

Key takeaways 

There are some really great and dedicated contractors out there, but there are unfortunately also some bad ones. At Favor Home Solutions, we buy houses in any condition in Chattanooga and we buy houses that have had contractor work done and will give you a great deal for your house.

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