5 Things That will increase the value of your Chattanooga house

When you are looking to get your home on the market, you want to give as much value as possible to the buyer. Just because your house is in a nice area doesn’t automatically mean that selling a house Chattanooga is a piece of cake. To help you sell your house, Favor Home Solutions wants to give you five things that can help increase the value of your house almost instantly. 

A finished basement 

With most houses leaving their basement unfinished, taking the time and effort to finish your basement helps you stand out. While many don’t use their basement for much, having your basement done up and looking nice will give people a greater incentive to buy. Adding things like full walls, getting plumbing done, and setting up the space for many different purposes could help you out greatly in convincing a buyer. 

New Paint 

Just as your car looks best after a good cleaning or fresh coat of paint, a house is the exact same. When you get your house painted, you are renewing it’s looks and making it look brand new. People often judge a house by the first thing they see on it, so a new coat of paint will already have them more interested than a house with chips and a worn-out paint job.

Updated appliances

The first place that many people look into when buying a home is a kitchen. The reason for this is that the appliances and details of the kitchen can reveal how much effort was put in around the rest of the house. If you update things like your fridge, oven, and washroom appliance, people will perceive that as added value with the sale and will be more likely to take interest in the property. 

Regular maintenance 

While appliances and paint can make the house look valuable, having regular maintenance will help it really be valuable. Taking the time to get your plumbing, heating, and various other housing systems looked at will show buyers you put effort into managing the property with care. If you can also keep maintenance records and show what has been done to the home, it will look even better to the buyer. 

Upgrade the exterior 

As we mentioned with the benefits of getting a fresh coat of paint for your house, having a welcoming and tidy exterior presence will add to your curb appeal. Looking at things like a clean lawn, maintained pants, and keeping any backyard amenities looking new will give people more justification to invest in your house. A welcoming exterior makes people feel interested in the property before they even open the door. 


With these 5 things being just a few that can add value to your house, looking to sell your house Chattanooga can be a breeze. At Favor Home Solutions, we love to buy houses of all varieties for cash and homes that are well-maintained and cared for almost always get a better deal.

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